Dean Smith famously incorporated the ritual of thanking the passer into his program as a way of building teamwork and unselfishness.  North Carolina basketball under Roy Williams still has players who point to the passer after they score a basket.  This cultural habit is one thing their program is known for, and every time they […]

With summer being here, and the time we have with our team being at a premium, I often wonder how to best utilize our time.  Summer basketball camp is a time in which players work on their skills, while also balancing all of the team aspects of the game that need to be incorporated.  This […]

Passing the ball into the post is something that few players have really mastered, though it really isn’t very complicated.  I hear coaches all the time during summer league games swearing under their breath because a post player is open but the passer doesn’t give it to him.  The lack of skill in this area […]

The last post was about Jim Collins’ book Good to Great and how his ideas can be used to build a basketball program.  Here’s the other three main ideas he had and how they can be applied to basketball 5.  A Culture of Discipline Be fanatical about implementing and maintaining your Hedgehog Concept (your 2-3 aspects of […]

In Jim Collins’ book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t, he and his team research businesses that started out with a moderate amount of success and end up hitting it big.  Collins summarizes the 7 ideas that all of these companies have in common.  These 7 ideas can also be […]

Kevin Willis played 20+ years and scored over 17,000 points in the NBA by mastering one move- the jump hook.  Granted he was big, mobile, athletic, and strong, but his one go-to play was the right handed jump hook.  Every time. Why don’t more players utilize the jump hook?  The obvious example is Kareem Abdul […] | Hang Time Blog

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